Chevrolet LCF Box Truck

Versatile Vehicle for Unique Professionals

For the heavy delivery business in Depew, Buffalo, and the surrounding areas, Joe Basil Chevrolet proudly offers the Chevy Low Cab Forward. This design allows your business to take full advantage of each and every inch of intersections and parking spots. The longest Chevy LCF 5500XD at 189.5” cab-to-axle can take a 24ft body, and give you an overall vehicle length comparable to Ford and Ram with only a 16ft body! With the amazing visibility that comes from having the engine directly beneath the driver, tight maneuvers are easier than ever. Store more, get to your appointments sooner, and park faster.

Chevrolet Low Cab Forward Cab Chassis

The Low Cab Forward lineup includes:

3500 and 4500

  • 6.0L V8 gasoline engine
  • 6-speed transmission with double overdrive
  • 297 hp and 372 lb.-ft. of torque
  • Available in Regular Cab and Crew Cab configurations

4500HD, 4500XD, 5500HD and 5500XD

  • 5.2L I-4 4H turbocharged diesel engine
  • 215 hp and 452 lb.-ft. of torque
  • 4500HD and 4500XD available in Regular Cab and Crew Cab configurations
  • 5500HD and 5500XD available in Regular Cab and Crew Cab configurations

Big Power in a Small Package

Quiet and cost-efficient: Gasoline power modules use the proven 6.0L Chevrolet V8 engine, with a Chevrolet 6-speed automatic transmission. With less vibration and rattling than diesel, quieter engines mean quieter rides, and a more comfortable overall driving experience. Repairs are usually minimal and less expensive per visit than a diesel, allowing you to be on the road sooner and more often.

Longer life for the longer hauls: Diesel engines in the reliable Isuzu 5.2L 4 cylinder turbocharged engine and Aisin automatic transmission mean longevity. At up to 30% more mpg than gasoline, trucks running more than 20,000 miles/year need this kind of cost-savings. Though diesel engine repairs can be more costly than gasoline, they are far more rare - and with lifespans upwards of 500,000 miles, your budget with thank you!

Come down to Joe Basil Chevrolet and find the right engine and the right truck for you today!